mRNA Technology

Based on new adjuvant, mRNA design, modification and synthesis, delivery and other underlying technologies with global independent intellectual property rights, the company will efficiently design and develop a new generation of mRNA vaccines with strong accessibility "From the bottom, from the source", and plan to gradually expand to other major infectious disease vaccines and tumor therapeutic vaccines.

R520A is an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine specifically targeting the Omicron variant developed by Wuhan Recogen Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (武漢欧洲杯投注吉生物技術有限公司), a subsidiary of the Company. R520A adopts a self-developed lyophilization technology that can effectively sustain the physiochemical properties and bioactivity of mRNA-LNP and achieve long-term storage at 2℃–8℃. In the pre-clinical studies, the level of neutralizing antibody titers against Omicron variant increased to a high level of 4,758 and it can also induce neutralization response against Delta variant, indicating its promising immunogenicity profile. The relevant research results have been posted on the preprint server, bioRxiv.