Novel Adjuvant

The adjuvant is a substance used in combination with an antigen to assist in antigen presentation and enhance the immune response. Traditionally, only aluminium adjuvants have been widely used in vaccine development. Since the 21st century, novel adjuvants have gradually become widely used in the vaccine industry to create vaccine products that can stimulate more and broader immune responses to deal with major diseases with a heavy burden. According to Frost Sullivan, as of July 6, 2021, only five novel adjuvants -- AS01, AS03, AS04, CpG1018 and MF59 -- had been in the public domain for more than 20 years. With this platform, Recbio is one of the few companies that can develop new adjuvants that match all of the FDA approved adjuvants. Thanks to this capability, the company is not dependent on any specific adjuvant supplier. The platform also enables the company to discover and deploy novel adjuvants in the next generation of vaccine candidates.

Protein Engineering

Based on interdisciplinary research, The Protein engineering platform of Recbio uses a structure-based approach to immunogen design to provide antigen optimization solutions for innovative vaccine development. The platform enables rapid discovery and identification of potential antigens to determine the structural basis of antigenicity, understand the mechanisms of immune protection and guide rational immunogen design, which is a key step for the company to develop vaccines. In addition, the company's protein engineering platform uses a variety of expression systems, including E. coli, Hanson's yeast, baculovirus and CHO cell expression systems. Through this diverse expression approach, the company is able to select and apply the most appropriate expression system for vaccine development. The platform enables the company to rapidly advance the development of vaccine candidates for COVID-19 and HPV.

Immunological Evaluation

To elucidate the immune protection mechanism of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, immunoevaluation is a key step in the discovery and development of innovative vaccines. Through this platform, companies can select the best combination of antigens and adjuvants to improve immunogenicity. Immunoevaluation involves many subjects such as immunology, biology, molecular biology and clinical chemistry. The core scientific team of the company started to build the immune evaluation platform as early as 2004, and Recbio is one of the first teams to have this platform in China. Through this platform, the company became one of the first companies in China to be able to conduct fake virus neutralization, ELISPOT and ICS tests, which have been used in our vaccine candidate development, demonstrating the company's strong R&D capabilities.